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     Authors Amy Asbury & Robbie-Ann McPherson first met in the late 90s, waiting tables at a deli in Los Angeles. In between celebrity customers, the broken milkshake machine and wiping the gunk off the condiment bottles, Amy & Robbie-Ann forged a friendship based on a mutual love of laughing in the face of a Sunday morning breakfast rush with no clean coffee cups.

     They finally channeled their shared humorous outlook into The Glitter Boom Girls podcast - a silly yet insightful look back at their 70s & 80s childhoods.

     "We have deep reverence for all the things that shaped us-the television shows that kept us company or made us feel safe, the music that healed our souls or just made us dance around, the toys that we loved and lost, and of course, the teen idols who were our first loves," says Robbie-Ann.

     "We're not snarky about it either. There is enough snark out there.

To us, "Xanadu," "Dynasty" and "Welcome Back Kotter" are as deserving of analysis, remembrance and deep discussion as Shakespeare, basically."

"I said what I said."

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The Glitter Boom Girls


Authors Amy Asbury & Robbie-Ann McPherson take a deep dive into 1970s & 1980s Nostalgia, revisiting everything from the childhood toys, teen idols, tv shows and tv dinners that made growing up in the 70s & 80s so special.

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